Interior Design Course Reviews

Margo Midwinter


The Interior Design Institute's modules cover everything from the history of design, the science behind colour, how to make floor plans and elevations, and how to break down and prepare for presenting to clients. I especially like how accommodating they are as some students prefer to hand draw while others prefer to learn programs.

The modules are challenging and are realistic step-by-step guidelines on how to plan and cover yourself for future clients.

I was already having clients when completing my diploma but it reassured me that I was on the right track.

I especially like the flexibility the course offers. You can join anytime and have the choice of when to submit each module, which is helpful with the unpredictable and sad situation we have all faced during the pandemic. I was able to complete it safely at home and do it within 4 months and 2 weeks, thanks to the support from my tutor Wendi.


Daisy May O. Medina

Mandaluyong City

Enrolling in The Interior Design Institute was a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. The program provided a comprehensive curriculum that allowed me to deepen my knowledge and skills in my passion for interior design.

The course modules were informative and highly useful, covering a wide range of essential topics. What really made the experience stand out as well was the guidance and support from my awesome coach, Ms. Marieke. Her feedback and advice for all my hard work in every module were very useful in helping me develop my abilities and prepare for the interior design field.

I'm excited to apply the expertise I gained through this program. I feel confident that the knowledge and skills I've honed will serve me well as I embark on my interior design career. Choosing to take this course was undoubtedly the right decision, and I'm grateful for the opportunities it has unlocked for me.


Jayson O. Agustin


As a 3D artist, I should be knowledgeable about what designs I am presenting.

I was looking for an online school in which I could have my own time because I was working. Then I saw the Interior Design Institute on the web. When I viewed the modules, I immediately enrolled.

Though it's challenging, I must say that just for the module 1 I learned a lot already, and when I applied it in my work as 3D visualizer I can tell that I improved a lot and most of all, I gained confidence in my design.

Thanks to my tutor Wendi, who was always ready to answer my questions. Now I am ready for whatever future can offer in my career as an Interior Designer. God bless you all!


Elyshia Nina Cano

Calbayog City

My career was established and my primary source of income, thanks to The Interior Design Institute!

For moms like me who want to learn interior design, the course's time commitment is incredibly flexible. While learning at your own pace, you may always message your tutor for advice. They will respond almost instantly.

Even while still not finished with the course, I had an easier time finding clients and jobs. This course offered me a confidence boost in all facets of my creative business; in fact, clients find me.

This course covered all the design-related material I needed to know and more. The time and effort invested in this course were well worthwhile. Very good admin, straightforward transactions, and an excellent tutor.

101/100 experience for me! I am a proud student of The Interior Design Institute.


Rochelle A Dela Cuesta


Enrolling in The Interior Design Institute is the best thing that ever happened in my life. ❤️

I've been aspiring to be an Interior Designer and have checked on all local design schools in my area and they did not fit my budget. Lucky enough, I stumbled upon The Interior Design Institute when searching online and it opened a lot of possibilities for me.

I couldn't thank enough the founder for creating an online diploma course that caters to aspiring designers that are on a budget and have big dreams. Now that I am a certified #IDIgraduate I am more confident to improve homes and make families live a relaxing and beautiful life.

More power to you The Interior Design Institute and thank you for making my dream a reality 💕


Rodge Kristofer Ramirez


This course is a straight-up challenge to those who want to explore the world of interior design. It offers comprehensive knowledge - enough to break the surface of curiosity and spark the creative mind.

The modules within are tied and intertwined, each having its own set of ideas yet still relates to all others. One may find the modules’ arrangement very useful as it is well structured to create the foundation you need as you stay on and move forward. Building knowledge in a manner of structured progression is very effective. And with each module having its own set of assignments at the end, that information acquired gets cemented to you through your answers to each given problem. It may be tough at first. I myself have struggled here and there. But it gets better with the help of your tutor, who is not just there to correct you, but guide you through every approach you choose to pursue in answering these measures of learning.

The course is never a one-way street. You are not spoon-fed with all the information related to a particular subject. Proper research is necessary in some areas of the module in order to get to the point of intellectual satisfaction. Additional readings are available prior to broader topics, which your tutor may suggest. Any questions, clarifications and suggestions, you have a tutor to run into.

Overall, it has been a pleasant experience having been encountered with IDI and this course. It is recommended to those with the heart for interior design. With such understanding brought about by this course, one can be confident with every design direction to implement without any hesitation or second-guessing; as knowledge has been acquired to back up these choices. The interior design I once knew will no longer be governed by a mere gut-feeling or subjectivity, but shall be ruled by proper information acquired through this course.

Again, it has been a fruitful journey and a remarkable experience. Thank you!

Meek Angeline Reyla Resngit


I am so glad that I chose to take Interior Design at IDI.

The modules are very comprehensive and informative, all while being easy to understand, at least for me. While the assignments are challenging, I found that they're really helpful in giving me that immersive experience, a glimpse of what it's like to be a designer in the real world.

This course is something I will definitely keep revisiting when I need a refresh on the basics of design. Thank you to my tutor, Yun, for being so encouraging and for the tips he's given me with every assignment submitted. I can't wait to enroll in more courses!


Leova Simon


Interior design is my passion. I'm a mother of 5, 39 years old, and a full-time VA. I prayed if this is what God wants me to do, I'll find the courage to study interior design, and then I found IDI. It was challenging, and it took lots of courage to motivate me to complete the course.

I remember last December, I was hospitalized due to a mild heart attack, and I asked if I needed to continue the course. It's not easy to do my responsibilities, but I manage my time to finish the course. The process is not easy. Sometimes it's painful, and other people say what I'm doing is nonsense, but I know I'll prove to myself that I'll be a successful interior designer someday.

I received an invitation for Junior Interior Designer for Kathy Kuo Home @kathykuohome, which I am excited about.

Frances Hechanova

General Santos City

I am a certified procrastinator and adventurous at the same time. Trying somewhat distinct from my main field of pursuits will never be easy without proper guidance from the syllabus and mentors as well.

I am an accountant by profession dealing with the antagonistic stance on the society’s standards and the course helped me organized my views and changed my opinions about tweaking my sprint for having a day job and now a diversion to help more people plan to have a decent dwelling we usually call home.

At first, I never had any idea what I was holding this time because I usually dawdle a lot (like a lot, a lot!), but somehow it opens my eyes on how interesting this course really is. The curriculum is clear and easy to understand for beginners and will add value to those who have firsthand knowledge of the lessons. The instructors are helpful 24/7 and they will always give the students tips and inspiration on every module along the way and that kept me motivated throughout the process and gave me the right tools and structure to move forward in this endeavor.

To the future interior designers, always aim for excellence in everything you do and keep your confidence up with a burning desire to learn and learn every single day. It is okay to not to have the best at first but having the right mind and persistence, I believe you can achieve whatever you are striving for.

To my mentor, I cannot thank you enough for your patience. I slipped and tripped often but your words kept my spirits up.

This journey will never end here but just the start of a new beginning. Thank you #IDI, our home and will always be.


Hachel Ann Nocon


IDI, your idea of this online course about Interior Design helped me in so many ways.

I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma back 2018 and depression hit me. I contemplated and think of what I really wanted in my life, things that I wanted to do. Then I came across your page and thoroughly read about the program, it gave me hope that it is never too late to study about my first love, Interior Design. This has been my frustration, I wanted to take Interior Designs as my degree back then, but time and situation didn't permit. My husband is a contractor, needless to say, taking this course would be of great help for his company and for me, aside from making my dream to become an ID will come true; it is also the best way to overcome my depression.

I kept myself busy with modules and when dealing with my assignments I made sure that I didn't just look over websites, but I went to different shops and showrooms that would help me with my assignments. Not knowing that this was helping me to keep myself busy. It took me a year and a half to complete the course, during that time I get to help my husband designing houses for his clients and getting recommendations and referrals.

I owe so much to IDI and especially to my tutor who helped me without hesitations in sharing his knowledge and time. How I overcome my depression made a great result to my medical condition, I am now cleared from the big C. My family and I are more than thankful to this Institute for opening its doors to those who want to be Interior Designers, be it for hobby, profession or for like me, who needs time to heal. Without this Institute and the people behind it, I wouldn't realize that there is more for me.

Thank you so much The Interior Design Institute. More power to your team!

Dianne Marie Chua

Paranaque City

I’ve always loved interior design even if I didn’t realize it before. When I graduated with a different degree, for a while, I felt like something was missing from my life. And then I found Interior Design Institute.....

Actually learning interior design gave purpose to my life again.

The IDI course is extremely user-friendly and is effectively beneficial to its students. In my journey of learning, my tutor and my fellow students have been really friendly, helpful, and supportive.

The modules have been easy to follow, even for a complete and total beginner. And the best thing about this is that it’s designed to really accommodate us.

You can learn anytime and anywhere, you only need to have your IDI modules.

Pauleen Aubrey Buluran

Sta. Maria, Bulacan

When I was a child, one of the home tasks that I love the most is to arrange our furniture into different corners of the room to give the space a new look. I always make sure that our home is always in style without spending money. Reading and collecting home magazines are my obsessions. My hobbies are drawing house models and floor plans, and styling our house. But never in my mind that what I am doing is an Interior Design "thingy".

I graduated from college. Until I got my job in a general contractor firm that gives me more interests in designing. And for almost a decade of being employed there, I have learned a lot about the construction, costing of materials, the furniture details, and etc.

Fast forward. I got married, had a baby, and resigned. Until I saw the Interior Design Institute on the web and got really, really interested to enroll. Interior decorating is my PASSION and I told myself to never lose this opportunity to learn. And as a full-time mom now of a toddler and a baby, I never thought that I could study again. That's why I felt so grateful that finally, I am now a graduate of Interior Design.

Thank you Interior Design Institute for turning my dreams into reality! To God be all the glory!

Jerome D. Hernandez

Muntinlupa City

This online Interior Design course, is an all-inclusive program that has taught me everything I need to know to become a proficient Interior Designer.

I have learnt cutting-edge design and history, furniture trends and textiles, color concept and lighting. There are twelve (12) modules featuring specialized designs that has helped me master the skills necessary to make the most out of any space.

Furthermore, the course has taught me how to work with clients; from costing and agreements to procuring and planning, so that by the time I finished the program, I had the business skills to be an up-and-coming Interior Designer!

It is a remarkable feeling to have fulfilled the Diploma in Interior Design, and I have gained so much applied information, in the process.

This interior design course is well-written and very conversant. I certainly valued my tutor’s criticism and that upkeep was imperative to the entire learning process.

There are no other means that I would have been able to achieve this knowledge and confidence, that the Interior Design course has given me.

Thank you so much, Interior Design Institute!

Agnes T. Manguiat

San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan

This course greatly helped me to explore and uncover more my keen interest on Interior Design.

I have a huge love for interior designing and styling. Just browsing the pages of home magazines or checking Pinterest-beauty spaces de-stresses me, and I always thought that I will do this creative job someday. I knew that having the creativity and passion is not enough to pursue a career on this industry, and I would have to learn the ropes of becoming a skilled Interior Designer.

Thankfully, IDI equipped me with a comprehensive learning and guidance through their course which covers not just the basics and theories, but all the technical know-how and practical applications an Interior Designer needs to put into practice into the real exciting world of Interior Design.

Sure, there are many available resources online like free video tutorials, but nothing can provide a thorough and coherent lessons which IDI offers.

The online community has also provided a really substantial help, guide and inspiration to fellow students like me. The discussions gave me very useful information on how to accomplish the assignments, and most students were very generous in sharing their actual output.

The flexible payment terms on course fee was also one of the main factors why I enrolled in IDI. The convenience and comfort of studying the modules and doing the assignment on my own pace and time were the fringe benefits.

As I moved through the modules, I was posting some of my assignment outputs on my social media account. These were seen by one of my contacts who was then on the lookout for an Interior Designer. She reached me out by sending me an inquiry to design her coffee shop. Right there and then, I got my first actual client and I applied all the learnings I acquired from the respective modules I studied at that time. .

Now, I am starting to build my online portfolio using some of those samples I created from the modules and assignments including as well the space plan and design I’ve done for a client’s coffee shop to showcase to my future clients.

I hope I can start soon my dream business of Design, Build and Furnish because IDI has not only enriched my creativity, knowledge and skills on design field, but it also gave me the confidence to finally offer my long time passion to create beautiful space for people!

Monica Katrina V. Cruz

Quezon City

One of the main reasons why I took up this course is because I have always been passionate about design in its many forms. It's what I also studied in college and to extend my knowledge in design, even further, is crucial to me. While our house was being renovated, interior design instantly caught my eye. The construction was fascinating to watch and it just amazes me how you can build or recreate a beautiful space from just the resources around us.

Living in a large city, where the traffic just keeps getting worse and worse, I always find it to be such a hassle and time-consuming when moving from point A to point B.

That's why I am so glad that there's an online platform like The Interior Design Institute. I can study remotely anytime, anywhere! I don’t have to sacrifice my other commitments at all. The course is good quality content at an affordable price too! And honestly, as much as I like going back to school, I'd rather not face Manila traffic every day. I'm sure a lot of students can relate to how I feel! With or without the traffic though I am still a fan of online education and its benefits.

I truly enjoyed each and every module (even the ones on the more difficult side!) and even if there's lots of useful information involved I didn't feel so overwhelmed by it because the content was well-composed. It was easy to learn and understand. The visual aids are also quite pleasing to look at and they were definitely a big help in making my study experience more enjoyable. I like the presence of the social community because it gives me more insights aside from the tutor and the Modules perspective. The Facebook group, was a delight for me, just reading about what’s on other students’ minds and it doesn’t make me feel isolated even when I’m studying remotely. To top it all off, the assignments were also really fun to do. From space planning, making mood boards, to working with clients, the assignments and modules let me discover my own personality and preferences as I go along the creative process of designing. The options for inspiration, truly are limitless.

I’m looking forward to what’s in store for me as I start my career in this industry. I know that it’s always nerve-wracking at first but now I’m more ready for the challenge to apply what I’ve learned in the real world. The course has covered the essentials for one to be competent in the world of interior design. Now, I’m seriously considering taking up the advanced modules as well!

You guys have been a big part in making me fall in love with interior design more and more and so my desire to learn just keeps on growing. I thank you all in this institution for making everything possible and most especially to my tutor, for guiding me in every step of the way. It is such an honour to be able to receive tips and insights from renowned interior designers. To more power and may the force be with you IDI team!

Jemica Alrian G. Oreta

Gapan City

I took architecture as my college degree but figured out that I am more in love with home designing than designing a house. The Interior Design Institute and its course helped me a lot not just to know more about interiors but also on how to create great ones. As a used-to-be architecture student, since enrolling in this course, I have been suggesting and I want to keep on suggesting to other architecture students and even to those who are already graduate & even licensed one, that they take this course. Why? Because I believe that there are a lot of things we don't learn in our colleges but are very crucial in designing a home, not just a house. After all, building a house isn't just building a tent (a momentary shade) but building a house is building a shelter (a nurturing shelter).

I am grateful for my tutor who has been patient, kind, generous, and encouraging. My tutor kept on providing me references where I can learn more and she kept sharing with me practical tips about the course as well as tips for when I am working out as an interior designer. Also, her words when giving feedback on my assignment were so encouraging!

I also want to say that The Interior Design Institute has an awesome website, it's convenient and things are really organized! I also enjoy being in the Facebook community, it's nice to see other students and their works.

I can confidently say that I made the right decision to take my Interior Design short course with The Interior Design Institute. I love & enjoyed everything here.


Monica Riza B. Benedicto

Silang, Cavite

I am very grateful that I have found this online course for Interior Design through The Interior Design Institute. The Modules are very easy to understand for a beginner, like me.

It has kept me occupied for the whole year which I needed to keep myself balanced by doing work, and at the same time, doing what I love, Interior Design.

I learnt a lot from this course, to the basics, creating Floor Plans, Mood Boards, as well as communicating to the Clients effectively.

I am also thankful to my Tutor, Wendi, for helping me, especially with the Assignments, she has been very patient from the first Module up to the last Module.

Marie Joyce Sy

Cagayan de Oro City

When I was young, I have always been fond of art, décor, designs and the like; however, I’ve never been able to try and give it a go. I always had an excuse – no time, no money, no support, and not knowing where to start or even how to start.

Up until this point.

I stumbled upon the Interior Design Institute one night and it got me thinking to finally start pursuing something I am passionate about. Trust me, the excuses I told myself before were still there, but as it turns out, this course is the answer to all my prayers. No time? I can do it whenever and wherever I want! No money? I was amazed as how flexible the payment scheme was. No support? I’m at the right age. Not knowing where to start? Here. How to start? Enroll.

And so, I did.

The Interior Design Institute has opened my eyes to a whole new industry. An industry that has evolving for so many centuries and through so many cultures and yet, the course was able to organize 12 comprehensive modules for aspiring designers like me. With the help and the patience of my tutor and fellow IDI students, I was able to gain confidence and the skill to finally pursue my passion. This was a great learning experience while juggling work and life in general.

I highly recommend this course to everyone who has ever doubted themselves and for those people who came up with all the same excuses that I ever made. This is that course. This is what you have been looking for!

Thank you IDI and team for making this a reality.

Ma. Alexandra Anuales Si

Bacolod City

I actually have a strong background in design since I’m a Graduate of Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design and I’m married to an Architect. As a team, my husband and I work together in designing and building homes so I had to strengthen my competencies in designing Interiors so I can handle that aspect of our services more efficiently.

Because of that need, I went back to school but I only lasted for one semester since I could not really build my world around it again. To compensate, I just try to learn as much as I could online. And that’s when I found The Interior Design Institute.

Yes, we can learn just about anything we want from the world wide web, but to have all the information you “truly need” structured in a professional way through IDI made it so worth it! I especially loved working on the homework and always eagerly waited for the grades. The thrill of that experience is something that you cannot get just by browsing online!

Really, there is that one thing in each of us that needs to be satisfied. Be it a bucket list or that craving to always be better at something, or to learn something new. The point is to find that one thing that sets your soul on fire and finding ways to make it happen. For me, that is finally taking up Interior Design. I couldn’t do it in a traditional school, but I was lucky to stumble upon The Interior Design Institute. I didn’t have to build my world around it, but rather it was able to fit in my world, in my own time, and in my own terms. Distance learning is truly one of the best gifts of technology and IDI will always have that special place in my life.

Iris Nikki C. Miguel

Batangas City

Having graduated BS Civil Engineering and now studying Master of Professional Accounting, ironically, I have always yearned to design. Walking in a room, I would often catch myself mesmerized by how thoughtfully everything was arranged and how everything was detailed (yeah, I wasn't really interested in the designs of columns and beams). I wouldn't have thought that I could do that too...until I found IDI.

While waiting for the application of my accounting course, I decided to pursue my interest in interior design. Researching through several online courses, The Interior Design Institute was what interested me the most--its online study platform allowing flexibility to study at your own pace, its curriculum and course outline, its online community and having your own tutor, so I thought, why not?

Taking this course has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have ever had. It has equipped me with all the technicalities that I wouldn't have learned if I were to just study on my own.From learning the history of design to color theory to making your own 3D visualization of the room, this course has covered all the essentials to become a professional interior designer.

I want to thank the whole IDI community for this amazing opportunity. To my tutor, for helping me throughout the entire course and the constructive feedback in each module; to the IDI Facebook group for the support all the way; and the IDI team behind this course for making this possible.


Virginia P. Serrano


I’ve always had a passion for design since I was in elementary, especially in the Interior Design field. The style and principles of a house that makes it a home always fascinated me. I took up a computer related course, years have passed and eventually my life has gone into marketing, real estate and construction. My passion for interior design has been made even more rewarding, knowing that I am helping my future interior design clients, but at the same time enjoying the process myself!! 😊

Discovering the Interior Design Institute was one of the best things that happened to me, because it taught me everything I needed to know to develop,not just my skills, but also to enhance my self-esteem. I make sure my calendar was updated/monitored for the whole study, so it taught me great organization skills. It gave me a chance to experience, my passion through reading the Modules which were very precise and well informed. My tutor, the Student Support, as well as my fellow Students, were all very helpful throughout this journey. Each Assignment after every Module were very exciting and so much fun to do. 😊 It was as if I was working on a real project as a Professional Interior Designer.

This course is very affordable and you can study at your own place in your own time while having a coffee 😊

I am extremely thankful for all the people behind this Institution. Their dedication to extend their knowledge and passion in Interior Design to aspiring people like me, has moved me and encouraged me to do better, until I reach my goals. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity of turning my dreams into a reality. I'm looking forward to now completing one of the Advanced Modules at the Institute of Interior Design in the near future. 😊

Thank you IDI & Team! 😊

Haydee D. Rosario

Antipolo City

I’ve always had a passion for design since I was a child, especially in the Interior Design field. The style and principles of a house that makes it a home always fascinated me. Years have passed and eventually my life has gone into a different path and lead me to another career. But the crave for designing and decorating has been nagging at me, so I decided to reignite my passion for design.

Discovering the Interior Design Institute was one of the best things that happened to me because it taught me everything I needed to know to develop not just my skills, but also to enhance my self-esteem. It gave me a chance to experience, once again my passion through reading the modules. which were very precise and well informed. The whole course – even though done online - felt very interactive. My tutor, the student support, as well as my fellow students were all very helpful throughout this journey. Every assignment after each module were very exciting and so much fun to do. It was as if I was working on a real project as a professional Interior Designer.

If it weren’t for the Interior Design Institute, I wouldn’t have realized my potential of becoming a true designer at heart. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends, family, and also to those who have a keen interest in interior design. It is very affordable and you can study at your own place in your own time! What more could you ask for!

I am extremely thankful for all the people behind this institution. Their agenda to extend their knowledge and passion about interior design to aspiring people like me, has moved me and encourage me to do better until I reach my goals. And now that I am a professional Interior Designer with a couple of projects along the way, I couldn’t be grateful enough for this opportunity of turning my dreams into reality. Thank you, IDI!

Sandra Piang Brahim

Quezon City

The Interior Design Institute provides a convenient way to learn about interior design. It gives students the flexibility to study wherever and whenever they have free time. How great is that!

I highly recommended this course.

Norlyn Zaira Tolentino

Imus, Cavite

I never imagined myself doing an online course in my life before. It was hard for me to adjust not hearing a lecture from a teacher, taking exams or passing some projects in school. Although, it made me independent, and this course pushed me to study hard and pursue my dreams without paying a lot of money.

Interior Design Institute made it easy to do this at home. Some assignments are challenging but once you get the hang of it you'll surely enjoy it.

I learned a lot and I will definitely recommend this to friends.

It was a great experience and I thank my tutor, for giving such insightful feedback in every homework I submitted. It truly helped me as a student and i'm sure it will help me as a future designer.

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