Make Your Dream Interior Design Business Possible With IDI: An Interview with Burcu Ercetin

Imagine transforming your passion for interior design into a thriving business. That's exactly what Burcu Ercetin did after discovering The Interior Design Institute (IDI). With a background in brand marketing and a desire to meld her problem-solving skills with her creative vision, Burcu embarked on a journey with IDI that not only honed her design abilities but also equipped her to launch her own successful design studio. Before joining IDI, Burcu was a brand marketer with 12 years of experience, eager to bring her professional expertise and passion for interior design together.

Her journey is a testament to how IDI prepares its students not just in the art of design but also in the practical aspects of business setup and operation. Her experience reflects in her testimonial about the course:
"It was a very fulfilling and comprehensive experience. I loved how flexible the program is and the content is very educative. The course not only prepares you for the profession, it also prepares you for the business setup. I loved the program!"

Now the founder of, Burcu started her design journey back in 2021 while pregnant with her second child. Amid early mornings and late nights, she designed and furnished her summer house, her first full-scale renovation project, leveraging the skills and insights gained from IDI.

Join us as we dive into an inspiring conversation with Burcu, exploring her path from a seasoned marketer to a celebrated interior designer, and discover how IDI can be the catalyst for turning your own design dreams into reality.

Interior Design Student and Graduate Burcu Ercetin

Image source: Graduated #IDIstudent Burcu Ercetin from @designandcurations

Interview with Graduated #IDIstudent Burcu Ercetin

What inspired you to become an Interior Designer?

What motivated me to pursue a career in interior design was a deep-rooted fascination with the harmonious interplay of design elements, colours , and styles. This innate sense of what complements and enhances spaces has always been a part of my artistic disposition. It was during a pivotal moment in my life, particularly after becoming a parent and amidst the transformative backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, that I found myself reassessing my aspirations. It was then that I made a deliberate and heartfelt commitment to delve deeper into my passion, seeking to acquire a more profound understanding of the art and science of interior design.

How would you describe your design style?

My design style could be best described as an expression of organic modernism infused with a neutral, earthy palette. I find incorporating eclectic touches that purposefully integrate vintage pieces into the aesthetic monumental. They always bring a character and story to the room. For me, design is an embodiment of personal evolution, reflecting the current stage of my journey. Presently, I find solace and inspiration in a space that has tranquility, drawing energy from the soothing embrace of nature and verdant surroundings. Balancing a busy life of working as a toddler mom, I aim for a home that exudes minimalism yet retains character through the infusion of organic textures like plants, rattan, pottery, and carefully selected rugs.

Interior Design Student and Graduate Burcu Ercetin Renovation

Image source: Graduated #IDIstudent Burcu Ercetin from @designandcurations

What makes you most happy?

What brings me the greatest joy is the precious time I spend with my beloved daughter and son. Additionally, the simple pleasures of sitting before the fireplace, gazing out of our arched windows onto the lush greenery, or taking a leisurely stroll in the embrace of nature never fails to uplift my spirit. I also derive immense satisfaction from my affinity for vintage shopping, as discovering a unique piece that resonates with me feels akin to a treasure hunt.

Favourite software?

I use Canva for my basic design templates and Design Files as the project management & and client presentation feedback tool.

Interior Design Mood Board by Canva Software

Image source: Graduated #IDIstudent Burcu Ercetin from @designandcurations

Favourite designer?

Lately, I love following Sarah Samuel Sherman and Lulu & Georgia.

What projects are you working on now?

As for my current projects, I've embraced a hybrid model as I nurture my burgeoning business, offering both virtual and in-person consultations, thereby extending my services across geographical boundaries. Presently, half of my projects take place virtually, while the other half follows a hybrid approach within the Atlanta area. I've recently completed a new build design consultation encompassing fixture and finish selection, as well as decor and furnishings for four distinct rooms. Also finished my own home renovation – phase 1!

My ongoing projects span various domains, including a basement transformation with multiple spaces, a home office design, and remodeling/renovation endeavors, among others.

Interior Design Student and Graduate Burcu Ercetin Renovation

Image source: Graduated #IDIstudent Burcu Ercetin from @designandcurations

Why did you choose to study with The Interior Design Institute?

When it comes to my choice of studying with IDI, I sought a program that offered self-paced learning, allowing me the flexibility to determine when and how to engage with the coursework. The sense of community within IDI and the practicality of the modules deeply resonated with me, essentially preparing me for the journey of establishing my own design studio.

What advice would you give to new students?

Take it day by day, but just keep going. We are all figuring it out every day! Stay connected with the community, see what others are doing, and ask questions!

How can people connect with you?

You can connect with me either through my business website or Instagram! + @designandcurations

Interior Design Student and Graduate Burcu Ercetin Renovation

Image source: Graduated #IDIstudent Burcu Ercetin from @designandcurations

Launch Your Dream Design Business with The Interior Design Institute

Burcu Ercetin's journey from a brand marketer to an innovative interior designer is a vivid illustration of how The Interior Design Institute not only educates but also empowers its students to pioneer their own paths in the design world. By integrating practical business skills with creative design training, IDI provides an all-encompassing platform for aspiring designers to flourish professionally.

Whether you're looking to switch careers or enhance your existing design skills, IDI offers the tools and community support to turn your passion into a viable business. Just like Burcu, who transitioned from accounting to interior design, you too can harness the comprehensive curriculum and flexible learning environment at IDI to build a fulfilling career in interior design.

Ready to make your mark in the design industry? Join The Interior Design Institute today and start crafting beautiful, functional spaces that resonate with your unique creative vision. Join now and begin your journey towards becoming a leader in interior design, shaping spaces and lives with your innovative ideas.

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